Androstia History Pt. 2

The First Era:

In the beginning of the first age, humans stayed in packs, creating the Ancient cities. None of these cities have made it passed the first age, due to various wars amongst the villages. The battle of Nai-Meh was the bloodiest battle, which occurred due to miscommunication between Neziat and Horache. This will be described in the book “The Nai-Meh Misconception”. While Andro, and Cosarth questioned how this ongoing massacre could be stopped, Merith stepped in and spread demons into the blood-stained villages who wouldn’t accept peace as an option. The surviving villages united to stop the Demon infestation. This Age had lasted 300 years before the turn of the next age.



The Omni-Chronicles : Tales Of Androstia

    There are four main classes in the Tales of Androstia. Warrior, Archer, Spellcaster, and Monk.  Upon getting to level 30, players are able to advance into expert classes. There are 2 expert classes to each main class. Upon getting to level 60, players are able to advance to master classes. This article will be your guide to switching classes.

    • Warrior– Oril in Wyham – Gives a mix of Attack and Defense

      • Soldier– Unoreveth in Matford- Gives more Attack bonus

        • Knight– Gains more Attack and Defense

        • Paladin– Gains Speed and Defense

      • Gladiator– Tane in Camor- Gives more Defense bonus

        • Swordsman– Gains more Speed and Attack

        • Defender– Gains extra Defense and Attack

    • Archer– Nabi in Segia- Gives a mix of Attack and Speed

      • Ranger– Sadya in Fawold – Gives more of an Attack bonus

        • Elite Bowman– Gives an Attack and Health

        • Crossbowman– Gives a Speed and attack bonus

      • Ninja– Suni in Mafield-Gives more of a Speed bonus

        • Theif– Gives more of a Speed bonus and Health

        • Shadow– Gives a Magic bonus as well as Speed

    • Spellcaster– Fiebeth in Astria- Gives a magic attack and magic defense bonus

      • Elementalist– Ulohakon in Batige- Gives a magic attack and health bonus

        • Sorcerer– Gives a Big magic attack bonus

        • SpellBlade– Gives a magic attack and defense bonus

      • Mage– Euxes in Caesius– Gives a Magic Attack and Defense Bonus

        • Sage– Gives a Magic Attack and Magic Defense Bonus

        • Battle-Mage – Gives a Magic Attack, Magic Defense, and Defense bonus

    • Monk: Ladore in Alford- Gives a Defense and Health bonus

      • Samurai– Daramma in Catun- Gives an attack bonus

        • Sensai – Gives an Attack and Health Bonus

        • Master Samurai– Gives a Defense and Attack Bonus

      • Priest– Drago in Lanuus- Gives a Defense bonus

        • Holy Warrior – Gives a greater Defense bonus as well as Attack

        • Bishop – Gives a greater Defense as well as Health bonus


Development Update: 3/31/18

It has been a busy week for me. I have been bug-testing for about two weeks now, most of the side quests are functional, and the main quest is currently being ran through to fix some bugs as well. Here are some of the quests, as well as screenshots of the menu. Also , I want to introduce a whole sub-quest series called the Adventures guild. Join the ranks of numerous warriors before you and partake in gathering unique items !

Androstia History Pt 1.

The Omni-Orb:

Not much is known about what happened before “The Release” , when the Omni-Orb Split into 5 pieces, releasing 5 Immortal beings into the universe. Each created their own plane of existence. Since then, the balance of the universe has started to tilt towards the Omni-Presence. The universe has a scale, which contains the Omni-Presence, and the Contra-Presence. If the scale gets thrown off a regular axis, the laws of nature as well change.

1. Andro

Created the world of Androstia, as well as the all of natural animals in the world (not including creatures). Andro is believed to be the strongest of Immortals. He is a lawful neutral Immortal who derives his strength through physical power and intelligence.

2. Cosarth

Created the Cosmic Realm, which consists of the Mystics. The Mystics consist of Magical creatures who have special powers. Cosarth also helped place magic onto Androstia as a favor for Andro helping create a higher power. He is a Lawful Good Immortal who derives his strength through the sun

3. Nora

Created the Limbo Realm, which consists of the souls not ready to give up on their lives. She tries to comfort them on passing on. She is a Complete Neutral god who derives her power from the Spirits.

4. Merith

Created the Purgatory Realm, which consists of the Demonic creatures. As a Lawful Evil Immortal who does not forgive, and never forgets, she derives her strength from Otherworldly Magical and physical powers. She has been known to travel to Androstia and release her fury on multiple cities in the first age.

5. Taru

Created the Realm Of Madness, which consists of Demonic creatures. As a Chaotic Evil Immortal, Taru derives his strength from Brute strength. Taru has been known to send creatures to other realms to wreak havoc. He also slips into the mind of the weak to convert them into worshiping him. Has a shapeshifting ability.

The Journey Begins

Title Screen.png

Tales Of Androstia is a 2D Fantasy RPG Game which takes place in the fantasy world of Androstia. Players can spend countless hours on questing, fighting monsters, interacting with over 200 unique characters, and exploring an enormous landscape with over 20 cities. It is currently in Alpha-Stage. More updates coming soon!