Androstia History Pt 1.

The Omni-Orb:

Not much is known about what happened before “The Release” , when the Omni-Orb Split into 5 pieces, releasing 5 Immortal beings into the universe. Each created their own plane of existence. Since then, the balance of the universe has started to tilt towards the Omni-Presence. The universe has a scale, which contains the Omni-Presence, and the Contra-Presence. If the scale gets thrown off a regular axis, the laws of nature as well change.

1. Andro

Created the world of Androstia, as well as the all of natural animals in the world (not including creatures). Andro is believed to be the strongest of Immortals. He is a lawful neutral Immortal who derives his strength through physical power and intelligence.

2. Cosarth

Created the Cosmic Realm, which consists of the Mystics. The Mystics consist of Magical creatures who have special powers. Cosarth also helped place magic onto Androstia as a favor for Andro helping create a higher power. He is a Lawful Good Immortal who derives his strength through the sun

3. Nora

Created the Limbo Realm, which consists of the souls not ready to give up on their lives. She tries to comfort them on passing on. She is a Complete Neutral god who derives her power from the Spirits.

4. Merith

Created the Purgatory Realm, which consists of the Demonic creatures. As a Lawful Evil Immortal who does not forgive, and never forgets, she derives her strength from Otherworldly Magical and physical powers. She has been known to travel to Androstia and release her fury on multiple cities in the first age.

5. Taru

Created the Realm Of Madness, which consists of Demonic creatures. As a Chaotic Evil Immortal, Taru derives his strength from Brute strength. Taru has been known to send creatures to other realms to wreak havoc. He also slips into the mind of the weak to convert them into worshiping him. Has a shapeshifting ability.